Anders Rydell

Anders Rydell is a 21st century renaissance person, always striving to find new creative challenges.

Formally trained as a child psychologist, Anders Rydell went straight from university to the, at the time, largest song festival in Sweden, only to win the Audience Prize for Surprise of the Year act at his first major concert event. He has since spent most of his working years as a singer/songwriter, performing to both children, aged 5 to 9, and adults.

However, being unable to stick to one craft, he has worked as an actor, service engineer (!), script writer and host for computer training videos, then gone into graphic design, layout and photography as well as, in recent years, working mainly with texts, his own writings as well as translating and editing.

In the below pages, please find more about his stage endeavors, photography and writing/editing (under construction).