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Viking Patterns for Knitting
Errata page

Siv, p. 20, Back:
The sentence "not counting the 2 k sts on each edge" should be ignored.

Fjörgyn, p.24:
Left Front, Line 2:
..., making sure there are 2 k sts inside the edge st at the front edge and 1 k st inside the edge st at the side, on the RS of work.

Ragna, p. 52, back:
After the cast on, there should be no purl row! The first row of Ragna is worked from the wrong side of the work according to row 0 of the chart.

And of course 4 x 40 = 160 sts.

Fjalar, p. 82:
There are not supposed to be any selvage sts as the text suggests.
The first and last st should be treated as a selvage st when you finish the sweater; that way, when the sweater is sewn together the remaining sts will look like a 2 st rib, and the seam will be next to invisible.

P. 82 Front:
Mark the center 28 sts.

Fjalar Hat, p. 84:
Cast on 120 sts and work ribbing and change needles as stated.
  After the ribbing decrease as follows, starting between two knit sts: *K1, p2, k2, ssk, p6, k2tog, k2, p2, k1* ; repeat for a total of 6 times = 108 sts.
  The knit ribs of the ribbing should match the knit ribs in the pattern.

Fafner, p.104:
Center panel, Line 2:
Next 28 rows: K18 sts, ... , and end with 18 sts.



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