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Textlogo: Knitting Along the Viking Trail

Logo: Knitting Along the Viking Trail

Information for exhibitors

Design: Elsebeth Lavold and Anders Rydell, Ingen Konst AB.
Production: The Textile Museum of Borås, Sweden, and Ingen Konst AB.
Approx. 20 life size stand-alone wooden mannequins.
13-17 wall mounted wooden mannequins.
2 benches.
12 signs, size A3, on floor stands or wall mounted.
 Mannequins, benches and signs are made from 8 mm core board, flat when disassembled. Depending on the exhibition site, the number of standing and wall-mounted mannequins, respectively, may vary.
 7 stone replicas of varying heights, 100 mm styrofoam.
1 wall mounted stone replica, flat.
Textile material: Approx. 40 sweaters, 7 hats, 1 pair of mittens, 1 pair of socks, 4 pillows.
Depending on the exhibition site, the number of textile objects may vary.
Lighting: Not provided with the exhibition.
Space required: Approx. 80 (60-120) m2. Setup is very flexible.
Shipping weight: < 200 kg.
Shipping volume: Approx. 1,5 m3.
Cost: For display outside of Sweden, exhibitor costs must be determined individually. Please contact us for more information.
Promotion material: 4-color poster (A3, 297 x 420 mm), available as pdf for local printing. Press release.
The exhibition catalogue (4-color cover, b/w inside pages, 16 pages, 170 x 190 mm) is presently only available in Swedish. With sufficient interest from exhibitors outside Sweden, other language versions can be produced.
Miscellaneous: The designer may be contracted for workshops and/or lectures.

The above information may be subject to change.

An introduction and the above information may be downloaded in pdf format (87 kB).
An extensive 4-page pdf summary with color photos and drawings is also available for download
(476 kB).

Right-click to download, left-click to view on your screen.
A reader for pdf files, should you lack one, is available from:


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