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Knitting Stage & Studio News FAQ

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When the world changes, so does the website

Welcome to v. 2.0 of Some of the content remains from the previous version, a lot is changed, updated and redesigned, and there is an abundance of new pages. We hope you will like it.
   At the bottom of the page, there is a form that allows you to comment on the new version. Please do.
 We do not do mass mailings, so we would be most grateful if you could help us spread the word about the news to your friends and colleagues. You may also subscribe to our newsletter (see link in the left margin).

Why change?
Technical advances
Faster modems and a steadily growing number of visitors with a broadband connection allows for more images, displayed with less compression. To a design company, and its web visitors, image quality is vital, and we strive to find the compromise between quality and download time that is best suited for the present state of development.
   Furthermore, we expect very few problems when we abandon Times, the rather uninteresting and not very legible (on a computer screen) typeface that we previously used. We have chosen Verdana, which is more harmonious and easy to read, and works with the vast majority of web browsers.
   We still keep the entry pages fairly "clean" in terms of graphics. Further down in the page hierarchy there are some image intensive pages, but we expect the visitors to those pages to be interested enough to be willing to wait a while for the pages to load.
Business advances
With the launch of Elsebeth Lavold's yarn label and Anders Rydell spending more and more of his time doing professional photography, the previous structure no longer felt quite relevant. We have given up yarn distribution in favor of spending more time designing, and, accordingly, the new version of the website is more of a display window and less of a web shop.
   This has resulted in a new organization of the pages, which is hopefully more logical and easier to navigate. For example, all of our current knitwear design is displayed in "galleries" under a common Design header.
   Differences in the market situation also necessitate more differences in the English and Swedish sections of the website than before, to make the content more relevant for each target audience.
   However, we have kept the names of the pages whenever possible, so that you don't have to unnecessarily change your bookmarks and links.

What's new?
In the Yarns section, we now display only yarns from the Elsebeth Lavold Designer's Choice label. Path: Start > English entry page > Knitting > Yarns.

All current designs, including all main photos from all design books produced for KFI, are displayed in the Designs section. There is also a gallery with Viking Knits designs that are available as knit kits in Scandinavia (only, sorry about that), and a page with examples of Elsebeth Lavold's earlier design. Path: Start > English entry page > Knitting > Designs.

The English version of the Text & Images section is under revision and will be re-published at a later date. It will contain some of the material previously published under the IT heading, and the IT section is thereby permanently removed.

For those of you who would like to see examples of Anders Rydell's photography that are not knitting related, we have planned to publish a Portfolio section with a number of image categories. We just have a book or two to finish first.

With the increasing use of "spy programs", scanning web pages for e-mail addresses and resulting in all sorts of junk e-mail sent to us, we have to be a lot more restrictive in displaying automatic mail-to links. We can still be reached by e-mail, but you may have to type in the address and subject line yourself. We hope that you will accept this slight "downgrade in service" when you have the background explained.

The navigation system has been subject to very few changes. Easy-to-read buttons with a clear indication of which page you presently view have replaced plain text, but the logic remains: Pages on the same level in the page hierarchy appear in a horizontal row at the top of the page, up and down links form a column in the left margin of the page.
   General links (to the Site Map, the Search page and the Contact page have been moved to the bottom of the pages.
   All links to external web pages still open in a new browser window so that you can view them without having to lose track of the page you came from.

Comment on our website!
Tell us what you think. Have we removed items you think should have remained? Are there items you think we should include that we haven't thought about ourselves. Do you have problems with pages or links? Please write your comment in the field below (the size of the box does not limit the amount of text; you can write as much as you please).
Thank you for your help!
Elsebeth Lavold & Anders Rydell

Comment form
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Please start by entering the above characters into the validation code field. Sorry for the inconvenience, but we have to try to limit the amount of spam we get. We're testing this method, and if you are having problems with it, please let us know at info[a]

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   Comments are more credible when accompanied by a name (but we will not publish e-mail addresses). However, if you wish to remain anonymous, please select this alternative. You can still use an alias in the comment box, e.g. "Mary in Maryland", to sign your comment.
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