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Knitting Stage & Studio News FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most common questions we receive via email. The overwhelming majority is about Elsebeth Lavold's designs and yarns: availability, errata information for the Designer's Choice books etc.

Q: Where in the USA can I buy Elsebeth Lavold Designer's Choice yarns and books?
A: The yarns and books are distributed by Knitting Fever Inc., and are available in yarn stores all over the USA as well as online. At, they have a very neat service where you can type in your zip code and get a list of nearby yarn stores in the US that carry the Designer's Choice line (both physical and online stores). From the top menu, select "find a store", enter your zip code, and then select Elsebeth Lavold from the drop-down box. All of them may not have your desired item(s), but then at least the answer is only a phone call away.
Q: Where in Canada can I buy Elsebeth Lavold Designer's Choice yarns and books?
A: The yarns and books are distributed in Canada by Diamond Yarn. If you visit and click on the "Buy" link, you will find a form where you may search by postal code, city, or province. We can't guarantee, however, that listed stores have decided to carry the Designer's Choice yarns and books, but then at least the answer is only a phone call away.
Q: Where in Europe can I buy Elsebeth Lavold Designer's Choice yarns and books?
A: Thus far, we have had to concentrate our efforts on the North American market. A distribution network for Europe is in the works, but the project is still in its infancy. When the yarns and books are available on a larger scale, we will most certainly let you know about it in our newsletters and at our website.
   Pending this, you may try online stores in the US or Canada - quite a few of them will ship to Europe.
   Ingen Konst AB has a limited mail-order service available to Swedish and Danish residents, but we unfortunately don't have the resources to handle requests from other European countries.
Q: How do I find errata information for the Designer's Choice books?
A: We are indeed sorry that we need to publish errata information at all, but with complex texts like knitting instructions in several sizes, occasional errors are probably inevitable. At least the frequency of errors has decreased in more recent books (we are very fortunate to have a skilled technical editor like Carol Rhoades). But as soon as we can after an error is reported, we publish errata information, and there are (at least) four ways to find it:
  •    Follow the path: Entry page ( > English main page > Knitting > Designs > Book x - this "header page" contains a link to the errata page, if there is one for the book.
  •    When you look through the individual designs in the galleries, you will find an errata link below the photo of any design for which errors have been reported.
  •    At the bottom of the Site Map page, there are direct links to all the individual errata pages for each book. There are links to the Site Map at the bottom of most pages on this site (including this one).
  •    Any errata information that has been published over the last year will appear as a separate entry, with the publishing date and a link to the errata page, on the News page.
Q: Can I buy English instructions for, or English versions of the complete Viking knit kits, displayed under the Various Viking Knits heading?
A: Not presently, but we're working on it. Kits will not be distributed outside of Sweden, but the designs may be included in future books, if we find suitable yarns. Two of them have already found their way into books
   Hjördis, a design previously displayed in this section, was successfully reworked in ClassicAl, and included in The Second Viking Knits Collection. Sigrun, also previously available as a kit, has been reworked in Silky Wool, and is included in The Third Viking Knits Collection.
Q: Can I knit the sweater Elsebeth is wearing on the back cover of the book Viking Patterns for Knitting?
A: This sweater was made in a yarn that has been discontinued, and we presently have no plans to rework the design in another yarn. However, there is a design in Elsebeth's own Silky Wool yarn that is almost identical, Ran, published in Designer's Choice book one, The Viking Knits Collection. Click on the name to see a photo.
Q: Can I knit the sweater with the dragon motif and runes, Brage, that can be seen in the photo from Eau Claire, Wisconsin (
A: It depends a bit on your own knitting skills and willingness to experiment, and you would probably need a copy of the book Viking Patterns for Knitting. Brage will not be published as pattern. This rather complex design was developed for the Knitting Along the Viking Trail exhibition, and it simply can't be written down as step-by-step instructions. Too many aspects would have to be left to the knitter's own skill and creativity for the designer to ensure a good result.

Here are some pointers, if you want to attempt to make your own version:
  Start with a good basic sweater pattern (Tristan in The Embraceable You Collection for instance -- works in both Angora and ClassicAL).
   Place the Lillbjärs Cable (page 89 in Viking Patterns for Knitting) on the right side of the front, left side on the back so they meet on the shoulder. I've used the top chart for the front and the bottom one for the back.
   Knit the back first and mark the approximate placement of the runes and the dragon there.

The runes can be found in the book, with an explanation on how to space them.

The motif on the sleeves is also used on the back (approximately on the left shoulder blade). This motif will be published in the sequel to "Viking Patterns for Knitting", but the "Linked Rings" pattern could be used instead, although it is smaller.

The dragon is the major obstacle. Work from a full size drawing of a nice dragon shape.
   The basic dragon's head is described in "Viking Patterns for Knitting", as well as the basic principles of appliqué. The body is mainly straight strips of varying width though you may add some short row sections if you want or need. From there on it's trial and error.

Q: Can you explain the "no stitch" (black square) symbol that appears in many of Elsebeth Lavold's knitting charts in a little more detail?
A:Certainly. The increase/decrease technique that was developed to create the Viking patterns (but used in many other charts as well) is new to a lot of knitters. It is thoroughly explained in the book Viking Patterns for Knitting, but not in detail in the early books in the Designer's Choice series. From book seven, we have added this text to the Reading Charts section, usually found on page 62:
   In some patterns, the stitch count can vary from row to row. For those patterns, the chart is drawn so that the largest number of stitches can be shown. On rows with fewer stitches, black squares are inserted so that stitches which are worked directly above each other can be shown that way on the chart. These black squares have no meaning for the knitting! When you come to a black square on the chart, skip it and go to the next square that is not black and work it as indicated.
   Hope that helps!
Q:<I have subscribed to your newsletter, but I haven't received any. What could be the problem?
A:First of all, we have made a deliberate decision not to swamp our subscribers with emails just for the sake of it. Newsletters and short newsflashes are only sent out when we have substantial news to share, generally only a couple of times per year.
   If you still think you may have missed a mailing, please check the "looking for" list at the bottom of the newsletter page - we may not have received a complete and/or correct email address.
   A rather recent, but growing, problem is that we get subscription forms from people who employ spam filters that will only allow incoming emails from specifically approved email senders. If you use such a filter, and forget to put info(a) on your approved list after you have subscribed, there is nothing we can do about it - we simply have no way of contacting you.
Q: Why are there no schematics in your Designer's Choice books?
A: Many knitters ask for schematics, and I only wish I could supply them.
   But the fact is there is just not enough time to make schematics. I am working more than I ought to as it is, and adding one more task just isn’t possible. Making schematics for personal use, a simple pencil drawing with numbers, doesn't take a reasonably skilled knitter very long (all the relevant information can be found in the instructions) but doing it on the computer to produce an output in a format and style fit for inclusion in a book is an entirely different, and much more time-consuming, task.
   I know there are people out there who would be willing to help me, but the work involved in supplying the relevant information for them to make the schematics is on the same level as making the schematics myself. And even if they would be willing to extract the information from the instructions, I would still have to set aside time to check it.
   And on top of the workload issue, there is simply no budget for adding schematics. Adding an extra photo when needed to clarify the construction doesn’t add to our expenses, and takes relatively small amounts of time (at least of my time), so that's the path we've taken so far.
   I do admit that several of my designs are quite complex and I intend to supply construction schematics (no measurements though) for designs of this type in the future – I've already started, there are two in Book 16, The Touch of Romance Collection.
   So, regrettably, I can't promise schematics in the foreseeable future.


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