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Bildlogo: The Second Viking Knits Collection

Cover of the book The Viking Knits Collection Viking Knits are back! Three years after the first Viking Knits Collection, Elsebeth Lavold returns with another collection of designs inspired by the intricate ornamentation of Viking Age artifacts. This time she had nine different yarns with her name on them to choose from, and six of them are used in the collection. This allows for a wide range of beautiful designs, from the cool, elegant shell Ylva on the front cover, a design for which any one of the yarns Silky Wool, Silky Tweed or Hempathy can be used, to the cozy swagger Hjördis in the warm and luxurious Alpaca blend ClassicAl.
   All of the designs in The Second Viking Knits Collection are shown here - a treasure for lovers of Elsebeth Lavold designs and Viking Knits.
   The books are available in selected yarn stores in the USA and Canada.

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