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Corrections for The Enchanted Garden Collection

The below applies to the designs Daphne, Tilia and Angelica.

P. 12, left column, Row 13:
"at each on every 10th row..." should read "at each end every 10th row..."

A couple of numbers for the sleeve length are missing:
The difference in length is so slight as to be of no consequence, but the correct sequence of numbers is: When sleeve measures 3¼ (3¼) 3½ (3½) 4 in / 8 (8) 9 (9) 10 cm...

Tilia, p. 35:

Just a clarification.
Back:...Shape shoulder: Starting at the neck, work until...

The increases should start after the ribbing, but they should be placed closer together - every 6th row for sizes S and M, alternately every 4th and 6th row for sizes L and XL.

Angelica p. 58, chart:
There are some missing yarnovers - the last square before the edge st on row 1 is blank -- it should be a yo (it should mirror the beginning of the row). The same error is repeated on rows 5 and 9.

    I'm sorry!
    Elsebeth Lavold




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