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Logo: The Mellow Tone Collection

Corrections for The Mellow Tone Collection

The below applies to the designs Gentle, Double and Pretty.

Gentle p. 30, Front:
The number of decreases for front neck should be 11, not 15.

The neck edging should be joined at center back and attached to back neck. Attach the collar to this neckband.

Double, p 40:
The yarn amounts are off, they should be:
   Jacket 14 (15) 16 (18) 19 balls Main Color (MC) Madeira 005
   6 (6) 7 (7) 8) balls Contrast Color (CC) Vetiver 006

Cathy C in Australia suggests that you knit the fronts and back up to the armhole in one piece to avoid the side seams. I didn't do that, because I prefer to spend time on finishing rather than struggle with the knitting of such a large piece, but that's a matter of personal preferences.
   So certainly, if you want to avoid finishing - go ahead and knit it in one piece. Just one pointer: At the correct length for armhole, bind off a purl st on the striped side when you divide into fronts and back. This way you will end up with the same type of st at the armhole on front and back, which is necessary when you attach the sleeves. Good Luck!

Pretty, p. 54:
Pattern Row 24 should be: Edge st, p2, * sl 2 wyf, p2; repeat from * and end with edge st.
That is, purl sts instead of knit sts.

After the ribbing: Cast on an edge st at each side = 84 (92) 100 (112) sts.
   To get the correct number of sts after the armhole decreses, bind off as stated but decrease 1 sts at each side every other row 7 (8) 9 (8) times = 64 (68) 72 (80) sts.

Left Front:
After the ribbing: Cast on an edge st at the side = 40 (44) 48 (52) sts.
Shape armhole as for back -- with correction as above.

After the ribbing: Vast on an edge st at each side = 44 (44) 48 (48) sts.
Increase as stated = 64 (68) 72 (76) sts.

The color swatches on p. 56 show only rows 1-16.

   I'm sorry!
    Elsebeth Lavold



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