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Corrections for The Sophisticated Lady Collection

The corrections apply to the designs Marlene, Audrey, Glenn and Emma, and there is a clarification for Katherine.

Marlene, p. 30:
The yarn requirements are off and should be 5 (6) 6 (7) 8 (9) balls of Silky Tweed.

Audrey, p. 40:
There is a yarnover missing in the chart; it should be placed on row 5 before the first decrease.
   Row 5 should read, starting at the right edge: p1, yo. k1, yo, ssk, p1, k2tog, k2tog, yo, k5, yo, p1. Thus restoring the original stitch count.
   (Correction to the correction April 18th 2005.)
   Back: The number of decreases for the armhole is off:
Continue decreasing in this way on every other row 10 (14) 16 (20) times = 60 (64) 68 (72) sts.
The outermost st in the broken rib pattern will be the edge sts of the leaf pattern.

Glenn, p. 47:
The yarn requirements for contrast colors is off, you'll need 2 skeins each of CC 1 and 2.

Emma, p. 52:
The set-up row is wrong (the edge sts are already included), it should read:
   Edge st, left cable (k5, M1, k2), * 11 (13) 15 sts reverse stockinette, right cable, left cable (k2, M1, k4, M1, k5, M1, k2 = 13 sts increased to 16 sts), repeat from * twice and end with 11 (13) 15 sts reverse stockinette, right cable (k2, M1, k5), edge st.
   7 sts of seed st will become an 8 st cable at the sides.
   The circled increase symbol means that 13 sts of seed st will become a 16 st double cable.

Katherine, p. 57-59:
There are some inconsistencies in the instructions; here are some clarifications:
   After shaping shoulders for back, bind off the remaining 35 sts for neck.
   When fronts are finished (including collar), knit shoulders together, and then knit collar together at center back and attach using mattress stitch.
 Block pieces before or after collar is knitted (whichever you prefer).

   I'm sorry!
   Elsebeth Lavold




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