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Logo: The City(e)scapes Collection

Corrections for The City(e)scapes Collection

The corrections below apply to the designs Melbourne, Dresden and Kyoto.

Melbourne, p. 26, left front:
I have managed to forget to calculate the difference in the width of the faux ribbing sections for the different sizes. This affects the pocket placement, the number of sts for the pocket, pocket lining and pocked edges.
   The pocket placement should be 10 sts in from the side (10 sts of faux ribbing). The pocket is placed between and including 2 cable panels.
When you insert the pocket lining you haven't finished the row on the front and you will need to break the yarn of the pocket lining to finish the row with the working yarn of the front. But if you feel it would be easier on the WS, that will in no meaningful way affect the result, so go ahead.
   This is how the paragraph should read:
When piece measures 8 in / 20 cm, make the pocket: beginning at left side, work 10 sts, place the next 23 (25) 27 (29) sts on a holder, set front aside without completing row. Knit pocket lining: With smaller needles, cast on 21 (23) 25 (27) sts and work back and forth in stockinette for 6¼ in / 16 cm. Now place pocket lining sts over gap and complete RS row; at the same time, increase 1 st in each cable (= 23 (25) 27 (29) sts) and then continue in pattern across.

And p. 27, under Finishing:
Pocket bands: Pick up the 23 (25) 27 (29) pocket sts on holder and work in ribbing...

Dresden, p. 42, Back:

We've found a couple of typos on the decrease row, there's a k2tog too many (the one between the k8 and the ssk) and the row should end as it began with purls. The sentence should read:
After completing 9 rows, begin decreasing on WS: edge st, k4, k2tog, * p16 (18) 20 (22) 24 (26), k2tog, k8, ssk; repeat from *2 times and finish with p16 (18) 20 (22) 24 (26), k4, ssk, edge st = 8 sts decreased across.

Kyoto, p. 49
Long sleeves:
It looks like I've divided the number of decreases at each side of the sleeve cap twice and then managed to end up with the wrong number of stitches to booth. This is how the last part of the sleeve cap should read:
Next, decrease 1 st at each side on every other row 14 (16) 16 (18) times. Bind off 2 sts at the beginning of every row 6 (6) 8 (8) times and then bind off the remaining 11 sts.

I've also missed the finishing of the collar:
Seam collar at center back and attach to back neck.

   I'm sorry!
    Elsebeth Lavold




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