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Corrections for The Wellington Collection

The corrections below apply to the design Wendy.

Wendy, p. 17:

I've missed marking the end of the pattern repeat:
Repeat rows 13-44 for the pattern and end with rows 45-60 (i.e. when you reach the last leaf, do not start a new stem).

I've also made a double error on the sleeve. The original instructions will work for sizes S and M, but this correction will improve the fit. The original instructions will not work for the larger sizes.
This is how you should work the sleeves:
Increase 1 st at each side on every 8th (8th) 6th (6th) 6th row 8 (10) 11 (13) 14 times = 52 (56) 60 (64) 68 sts. When sleeve is 18¼ in / 46 cm long, shape sleeve cap by first binding off 2 (3) 4 (5) 6 sts at each side. Bind off 1 sts at the beginning of every until 24 (28) 28 (32 (32) sts remain and then 2 sts at the beginning of every row until 12 (16) 16 (20) 20 sts remain. Bind off.

   I'm sorry!
    Elsebeth Lavold




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