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Corrections for The Third Viking Knits Collection

The corrections below apply to the designs Solveig, Inggun and Björg.

Solveig p. 22, Back:
After dectreasing for armhole 74 (78) 82 (86) sts remain, and when you reach the shoulder shaping, instead of 10 (11) 11 (12) sts it should say 8 (8) 9 (10) sts in both places

Inggun, p. 28, Left front:
The length to armhole is off, of course the armhole should be at the same length as for the back, which is:

When piece measures 15½ (15¾) 16¼ (16½) in / 39 (40) 41 (42) cm, bind off...

Also, the stitch count just before should be just that - sts. The m is a typo left over from the Swedish version.

More serious is the set up row for the left front where I have managed to switch the two sets of moss st numbers (for size M they are the same, so that isn't affected).

Here is the row as it should read:
Left front:
Now set up pattern: Edge st, k1, p1, 21 (25) 29 (33) sts moss st, p1, k2, p1, 23 (25) 27 (29) sts moss st, and 29 sts following chart.

For the knitter's convenience, here is the same set-up row for the right front:
Right front:
Now set up pattern: Work 29 sts following chart, 23 (25) 27 (29) sts moss st, p1, k2, p1, 21 (25) 29 (33) sts moss st, p1, k1, and edge st.

Björg, mittens, pp. 30, 32:
I've mixed up the charts - charts should be B2 for the left and B1 for the right mitten.

I've also managed to end on an impossible number of sts. Shape the top as stated ending with 18 sts

   I'm sorry!
    Elsebeth Lavold




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