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Cover of The Third Viking Knits Collection

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All of the designs in the book are displayed in the Gallery (link below the cover).
  The books and yarns are available in fine yarn stores in the USA and Canada.

Back Cover Text:
In her seemingly never-ending flow of new ideas for designs, inspired by Viking Age ornamentation, Elsebeth Lavold has produced yet another beautiful Viking Knits Collection for her yarn line. The stunning front cover design Solveig is the first ever Viking Knits dress she has made. On the back cover, the exquisitely feminine Gudrid is an example of how a gifted and technically skilled designer can make use of gussets and purl lines to produce a very flattering shape in a most versatile and wearable garment.
   In the book, you will find many more examples of how the “Queen of Cable Patterns” incorporates her Scandinavian heritage from a millennium back into modern knitwear in a wide variety of styles, yarns, and levels of difficulty. Some of them are reworked versions of early Viking Knits designs, a result of countless e-mails requesting them, others are entirely new.
   And they are not only sweaters or jackets; with this book, your needles and Silky Flammé, you can make the blanket Verdandi, with mitered corners and a matching pillow. Or the practical and attractive shoulder bag Greip, in Silky Wool. The Third Viking Knits Collection is a true treat for old and new fans of Elsebeth Lavold and her Viking Knits.

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