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Cover of The Touch of Romance Collection

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All of the designs in the book are displayed in the Gallery (link below the cover).
  The books and yarns are available in fine yarn stores in the USA and Canada.

Back Cover Text:
When designer Elsebeth Lavold gets into a romantic mood at her drawing board, there is always a pinch of exotic spice in the mix. Her two new Designer’s Choice yarns, Calm Wool and Bambool, inspired her to make a collection with a touch of romance.
   In her designs, “romantic” can often be seen as synonymous with “feminine.”. Many of her fans appreciate her intricate methods for shaping, resulting in very flattering garments - the beautiful Deirdre on the front cover is an excellent example. Marion, on the back cover, is another.
   But the rustic and yet elegant Calm Wool can also be used for sweaters with a distinct masculine character, like Cameron. And the name of her first ever dog sweater, Lady, has no bearing on the gender of the dog you knit it for.
   The incredibly soft Bambool yarn is very well suited to garments for small children and Elsebeth has included two such designs in the collection, the unisex cardigan Wyatt and the pretty dress Caitlin. For garments high on the romantic scale, look, for example look, at the adorable short-sleeved sweater Zoë, or Erin, a fingerless glove and turban combo.
   In her 16th Designer’s Choice book, Elsebeth Lavold clearly shows that her creative flow is in no way diminishing. And as a result, knitters’ can now experience a Touch of Romance. Enjoy!

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