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Cover of The Dreamweaver Collection

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All of the designs in the book are displayed in the Gallery (link below the cover).
  The books and yarns are available in fine yarn stores in the USA and Canada.

Back Cover Text:
Lakshmi, the front cover design, got its name from Hindu mythology. Dreams, fairytales, and tales of strong, yet feminine, women created Elsebeth Lavold’s thematic framework for what was to become The Dreamweaver Collection. All of the designs have names from that realm, and quite a few of them have a romantic, dreamlike quality to them as well.
   The collection introduces Bambouclé, with a fiber content providing all of the properties Elsebeth wanted, but couldn’t get from a pure bamboo yarn. With the bouclé effect, she was excited about the look of the yarn too. Eight of the designs are made in Bambouclé, including the back cover sweater Malina, with its pretty lace border. Many of them could not have been made in another yarn, at least not with a result satisfactory to the designer.
   The collection also includes a colorful striped mother-and-child cardigan in Cable Cotton, a Cotton Frappé T-shirt that can be very romantic or very urban, depending on your choice of colors, and an exquisitely feminine deep V-neck sweater in Hempathy. To name a few.
   If you like the type of stylish designs with intricate details in shapes and patterns that is the trademark of Elsebeth Lavold, chances are that The Dreamweaver Collection contains the answer to your knitting dreams.

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