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Cover of Out of the Woods Collection

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All of the designs in the book are displayed in the Gallery (link below the cover).
  The books and yarns are available in fine yarn stores in the USA and Canada.

Back Cover Text:
A designer is constantly at work. When Elsebeth Lavold takes a stroll in a forest or on a beach, she invariably brings home all sorts of objects of Mother Nature’s making, quite often to use as inspiration for her own designs.

Organic patterns and structures inspired The Out of the Woods Collection. A typical example is the front cover design Woodborer, which got its pattern, and name, from small pieces of wood, penetrated by woodborers in the most beautiful way. The sweater pattern is less erratic, but no less beautiful.

The spectacular full-length jacket Grove incorporates elements of a pattern Elsebeth Lavold developed to mimic the grain on wood planks in knitting, also used as an all-over pattern in the his&hers design named Woodgrain. The scope of the collection is almost as abundant as nature itself.

Many of the designs have bided their time in her sketchbook for years, just waiting for “the perfect yarn”. The exquisitely feminine sweater Pebbles found an ideal yarn match in Baby Llama, and Grove lingered in anticipation of Silky Flammé, the two new additions to the Designer’s Choice line. Both yarns proved to be even more likeable than when Elsebeth first swatched them, and they, and The Out of the Woods Collection, are just waiting for your needles.

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